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Cosmétiques de France (Aust) Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based company specialised in dermocosmétiques from France. These skincare products are also called derma-skincare or dermaceuticals. CDF’s mission is to bring to the Australian women a complete assortment of products, full skincare programs and a real blend of textures –  all together addressing all skin types, needs and conditions.


Cosmétiques de France is the exclusive distributor of BIODERMA and URIAGE.


The Dermocosmetics Concept

It is quite evident that a larger number of people are experiencing sensitive skin. Every 2 out of 3 women, and 1 out of 3 men claim to have feelings of tightness and discomfort.

There are three reasons for that:

  1. Society is insufficiently informed and educated about certain ingredients causing potential allergic reactions and/or because consumers are misusing cosmetic products. As a consequence, people have developed lots of skin reactions and their skin became more sensitive over time.
  2. Another reason is that skin sensitises with age, and developed countries population simply ages and searches for more appropriate products.
  3. Some also note that skin sensitivity correlates with industrialisation – to put it simply, air pollution. Therefore modern countries have proportionally more people with sensitive skin.


In that context, no wonder why people now require specific skincare suitable for sensitive skin. French people name those dermocosmétiques.


How do dermocosmétiques differ from usual skincare products?


Dermocosmétiques have the specificity of being suitable for all skin conditions, including the most sensitive. Dermocosmétiques brands have a complete product portfolio addressing all skin types and/or conditions but all suitable for sensitive or sensitised skins. They typically have a range for very sensitive to intolerant skin, for (sensitive) dry skin, for acne (sensitised) skin, etc.


To achieve this, French Laboratories have combined the gentlest ingredients [recognised as such in the pharmacopeia] and fine-tuned their dosage to ensure that the formulas are hypoallergenic and very well tolerated by the skin. They have also chosen the best active ingredients to make sure the formulas are efficient in solving the underlying causes of the skin condition and not just fixing temporary symptoms. In many cases, products have been submitted to clinical trials administered by dermatologists, placed under high levels of dermatological control. In terms of manufacturing process, the procedures ensure that dermocosmétiques abide to the standards established by the pharmaceutical industry.


Therefore, dermocosmétiques are the perfect mix of safety, results and self-indulgence.


It is only under these strict conditions that dermocosmétiques are recommended by French dermatologists and sold in their pharmacies. They are also featured in specialists' congress such as the European Congress of Dermatology in October 2014 and the last World Congress of Dermatology in June 2015.