Dry to Very Dry Skin


How to recognise dry to very dry skin:


Dry skin often comes with feelings of stinging, tightness, itching and burning sensations.

Symptoms such as dull skin, scaly skin, dry patches, cracks and sometimes redness can be experienced.


There are several types of dryness:

  • Temporary or permanent dryness caused by external agents: weather conditions (dry cold, wind, sudden climate changes), cosmetics (washing too often with detergent cleansing products, aggressive or drying cosmetics).
  • Dryness caused by medicine used locally (acne or anti-ageing treatment) or orally (acne, anti-cholesterol treatment, etc.).
  • Permanent dryness related to natural cutaneous ageing or hormonal factors (menopause). The skin becomes dull and rough. The epidermis becomes thinner due to decreased cell renewal and the corneal layer thickens.
  • Constitutional dryness (or genetic predisposition) causing different types of skin dryness that may or may not be reversible and require tailored solutions.

If the epidermis does not properly perform its barrier role function, the skin becomes drier. Many factors come into play to determine the skin's moisture level such as epidermal lipids, which play a significant role in terms of water retention.


Tips and recommendations

  • Drink sufficient amount of water (1.5 litres unless recommended by your physician otherwise).
  • Choose gentle cleansing and hydrating products in the form of milks, creams, balms, ointments and oils.
  • Limit your shower to 5 minutes and avoid hot water that can increase drying effects.
  • After the shower, apply a moisturiser within 2 to 3 minutes to relieve pulling sensations and protect your skin from external stress.


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