Very dry to atopic sensitive skin


Your skin feels tight, either occasionally or permanently. Sometimes dull and rough, it has lost its softness and suppleness. This dryness is either the result of natural cutaneous ageing, medicine, or the effect of external agents (dry cold, wind, sudden climate changes, harsh or drying cosmetics, too frequent washing, etc.) Your skin needs to be intensely hydrated and soothed. Bioderma Atoderm solutions are dedicated to dry to very dry skin, and skin prone to atopy. Atoderm offers a complete range of hygiene and skincare products to help the skin regain its optimum hydration at all times, for a daily routine or during flare-up periods.


Dermo-brevete: Products are patented with the DAF complex that offers a natural preservative system that helps minimise preservatives concentration and increase the skin tolerability.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items