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The story began in 1977 when a pharmacist biologist Jean-Noel Thorel, developed a skincare range with the worlds leading biology and dermatology specialists based on the pioneering idea that, "When skin suffers, we should use its natural biology and teach it to react, rather than treating it". For BIODERMA, a product should not take over the skin's job, but should help the skin to do its job better. Thus, the Dermatological Biology concept was born.


30 years on with over 50 worldwide patents, BIODERMA's advanced research has profoundly altered the way products are formulated providing a dedicated solution for each skin condition. Most products are patented with the DAF complex that offers a natural preservative system, a combination of 4 sugars with golden seaweed that helps minimise preservative concentration and increase the skin tolerability.


Devoting major resources to research and innovations since it was founded; Bioderma still works in close collaboration with dermatologists and renowned institutions research centres (such as CNRS, INSERM, Universities). Sensibio H2O, its micellar solution is one good example: it was the first non-rinse cleansing water of this type invented.

For that reason, BIODERMA is today supported by leading dermatologists, is recommended by pharmacists and is overwhelmingly favoured by customers all over the world.


The Laboratory in France and Overseas


Based in Lyon, France and 3rd most recommended brand in its home country, Bioderma Laboratory also benefits from an extensive international presence with products sold in more than 80 countries. 

The laboratory in France and overseas

Bioderma There are 47 products.


  • Sensibio

    Sensitive skin


    Sensitive skin overreacts to external (sudden changes in temperature) or internal stimuli (stress, emotions). Sensitive skin generally comes with feelings of overheating, sometimes even diffuse or localised redness. Sensitive skin easily becomes dehydrated and this subsequent dryness tends to increase its weakness and feelings of tightness. In most cases increased skin sensitivity is a result of various factors inherent to our physiology, our environment (weather conditions, pollution) or even our lifestyle (dietary habits, unsuitable beauty products, etc.)


    Bioderma solution is Sensibio range dedicated to very sensitive to intolerant skin, with or without redness.


    Most of Sensibio products are patented with the Toleridine patent. In the long term, the active ingredients naturally increase the skins tolerance threshold.

  • Sebium

    The skin transforms during puberty, as it becomes thicker, shinier and blemishes may appear. Although, contrary to popular belief, adolescents do not have total control over acne. Often blemishes can persist later on; today it is becoming an increasingly frequent reason for dermatological consultation in women over the age of 25. Depending on the condition of your skin and your specialist’s advice, Sebium offers a full range of skincare products developed for oily to combination skin, skin prone to acne.


    All Sebium products are patented with the Fluidactiv patent that helps reduce and fluidify sebum in order to reduce the clogging in the pores and eliminate blemishes on the long term.

  • Atoderm

    Very dry to atopic sensitive skin


    Your skin feels tight, either occasionally or permanently. Sometimes dull and rough, it has lost its softness and suppleness. This dryness is either the result of natural cutaneous ageing, medicine, or the effect of external agents (dry cold, wind, sudden climate changes, harsh or drying cosmetics, too frequent washing, etc.) Your skin needs to be intensely hydrated and soothed. Bioderma Atoderm solutions are dedicated to dry to very dry skin, and skin prone to atopy. Atoderm offers a complete range of hygiene and skincare products to help the skin regain its optimum hydration at all times, for a daily routine or during flare-up periods.


    Dermo-brevete: Products are patented with the DAF complex that offers a natural preservative system that helps minimise preservatives concentration and increase the skin tolerability.

  • Hydrabio

    Dehydrated sensitive skin


    Everyday pollution, stress, cold weather, etc. disrupts the skin's cellular activity. It no longer possesses the ability to deeply generate or retain the water it needs on the skin’s surface for a natural balance. The skin becomes dehydrated, uncomfortable and more sensitive and loses its radiance.


    The Aquagenium® patent is found in the full range of Hydrabio products, which stimulates the skin's cellular capacities and reactivates its natural hydration process. 

  • Cicabio

    Our skin is our primary barrier against external stress; it insulates and protects us. When it is damaged, irritated skin is more sensitive and permeable to external stress and its appearance is also damaged. It is therefore necessary to accompany the various stages of epidermal reconstruction for high-quality skin repair. Cicabio guarantees high-quality epidermal repair.

  • Photoderm BB

    Photoderm BB cream offers a light coverage tint to unify the complexion, blurring imperfections and protecting the skin from indirect exposure of UV. 

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Showing 1 - 12 of 47 items